Smart Cards

Smart Cards are currently only available if purchasing a monthly pass. All Smart Card pass types are sold at LTC locations and subsidized passes are available at both LTC and City locations. For more on pass types and availability please see the Fares Page.

Smart Card Web Portal

What to do if you’ve lost your Smart Card

If you have registered your card online, and you have lost your card or believe it to have been stolen, please take the following steps:

1.    Login to the web portal and choose the “block your card” option under the Manage your Cards tab.  Please note: once your card has been blocked, it cannot be unblocked if you find it, it will need to be replaced.

2.    Call LTC at 519-451-1347 and report your card lost/stolen and request a replacement.  If you have been unable to block your card via the web portal, an LTC representative can do this upon your request.

Your request for a replacement card will be processed in 2 business days and you will be notified when your card is ready for pick up.  Same day replacements can not be accommodated.  A $5 administration fee will apply for the replacement of a lost/stolen card, payable upon pickup of the replacement card



Loading a new monthly pass on Smart Card

If you load a new pass on your card at a location with a point of sale terminal, your card will be updated immediately. If you load a new pass on your card via the internet, you should allow 48 hours for your card to be updated.

This delay is due to the required time for the online transaction to be communicated to the devices on all LTC vehicles. To be sure this has happened in time to use the pass, we suggest you load your next monthly pass 3 days before the current pass expires.