Open Data

London Transit recognizes the power of Open Data to provide significant benefits to the people of London Ontario and beyond. Open Data enables individuals, organizations and government bodies to innovate and collaborate in new ways.

It is hoped that providing more Open Data will increase London Transit’s transparency and result in increased participation and contribution from the public as transit evolves in our city. Public data and its re-use are proving increasingly important to social innovation and economic growth, often resulting in efficiencies and solutions driven by more participation and collaboration than was previously possible.

In light of these benefits, London Transit grants you a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use, modify, and distribute the datasets in all current and future media formats for any lawful purpose. Please read and understand the full Terms of Use before proceeding to use London Transit’s data.

While London Transit will not always be able to publish data due to privacy, security or limitations of resources, we are committed to expanding available data wherever possible. Please contact Caroline Roy at with any requests or suggestions for more or different data and we will be happy to consider your input and get back to you.


Our GTFS (Google Transit) data feed can be found at

GTFS-RT (realtime) links:

LTC will be adding more to our Open Data offerings soon, including GIS spatial data for all stops and routes plus tabular (Excel) data for LTC stops, shelters, benches and bus routes.