Real-Time InfoWeb Guide

How do I access Infoweb?

·  From our main website page, click on Real-Time Bus Info (purple tab under the image)

·   Or click here

Signing up for alerts

One of the benefits of Infoweb is the ability to sign-up for service alerts of your favourite stops and routes.

By signing up for the service, you will have the ability to be automatically notified, via email, of service alerts affecting your preferred stops. You can also sign-up for a scheduled email to be sent to you, advising you of upcoming departure times.


To register, click on the ‘sign-in’ button in the top right corner of the Infoweb screen. Complete and submit the form, and you are ready to go!  Once you are registered and logged in you will be able to sign up for alerts.

Signing up for Alerts

Once you have an account, and are logged in, you can sign-up for service alerts. To do this, when either viewing the departure times for a stop, or the schedule times for a route, click on the bell symbol with the plus sign in it  – this will open up a window which will in turn enable the feature for you.

Sign up for scheduled alerts

If you want your stop times delivered to you via email on a regular basis, then signing up for scheduled alerts is what you want to do!

When viewing a stop, you can press the notification icon   (bell with a plus through it) to bring up the subscription window. From there, if you click on be notified with next bus times for this stop you will be brought to a new screen in which you can configure a time/date when you will be sent the automatic message.

Next Departures

‘Next departures’ is a quick way to look up departure times for a specific bus stop (you don’t need to be registered for this feature).

Click on the Next departures menu in the top of the toolbar, you can then input a stop number/IDaddress or landmark in the upper left field.

If you enter a Stop-ID, the webpage will search for that stop number and display the next departure information.

Using an address or a landmark will perform a “closest stop” search centered around that location. At this point, the system will show you all the stops that have routes in service that are close to your request. You can then either click on the stops on the map, or routes on the left side to view the stop times.

Interactive Route Schedules

Route schedules are a great way to view information regarding our routes. From this menu, you can view the route on the map, the stops that are currently servicing that route, and buses that are currently running on that route.

If you click on routes on the right menu bar of the webpage, you will see a list displayed of all the routes that are currently active. Clicking on one or more of these routes will display the route path on the map, as well as the stops along the route.

You can adjust the direction that is currently being displayed by manipulating the direction slider beside the route i.e. change from northbound to southbound.

Clicking on one of the stops will display the departure times for that stop.

Clicking on schedule will show the schedule for the route, which will display all the stops currently running and their departure times.  Real-time information will be indicated by a radio transmission button beside the times  , times without this symbol will indicate scheduled arrival times.

On the Schedule screen you are also able to select specific stops that you want to see.  By clicking the  icon, you can choose the specific stops that you want to see stop times for.  Additionally, the Schedule screen provides you with information regarding stop closures; stops that will not be serviced will have the arrival times crossed out.

Overall, the system is very intuitive and we encourage you to try it.  If you have any questions related to registering, signing up for alerts or general use of the system , please call us at 519-451-1340 and press 0 to speak to a customer service representative.