Route 2

Detours & Related Stop Closures

Posted: March 9, 2023
Location:  Dundas at Egerton
Effective:  First Bus Monday March 13, 2023
Detour:  WestboundWest on Dundas, left on Kellogg, right on Florence, continue on to York, right on William, left on Dundas to regular route.

Eastbound – East on Dundas, right on William, left on York, continue on to Florence, left on Kellogg, right on Dundas to regular route.

Stop Closures: Westbound

Dundas at William WB – #624

Dundas at Adelaide WB – #538

Dundas at Elizabeth WB – #564

Dundas at English WB – #565

Dundas at Rectory WB – #597

Dundas at Ontario WB – #593

Dundas at Quebec WB – #595

Dundas at Egerton WB – #561

Dundas at Dorinda WB – #554


Dundas at Adelaide EB – #537

Dundas at Lyle EB – #584

Dundas at Hewitt EB – #576

Dundas at Rectory EB – #596

Dundas at Ontario EB – #592

Dundas at Quebec EB – #594

Dundas at Egerton EB – #560

Dundas at Kellogg Lane EB – #583

Alternate Stops: WestboundKellogg Lane SB

Florence at Egerton WB #737

Florence at Fairgrounds south Gate WB #741

York at Rectory WB #2166

York at Lyle WB #2162

York at Adelaide WB #2155

York at William WB #2176

William south of Dundas NB


York at Adelaide EB #2154

York at Lyle EB #2161

York at Rectory EB #2165

Florence at Fairground south Gate EB #740

Florence at Egerton EB #736

Kellogg Lane NB

Posted: February 27, 2023
Location:  Wellington North of King and Queens between Wellington and Ridout
Effective:  First Bus Wednesday March 1, 2023
Detour:  Westbound

West on Dundas, right on Waterloo, left on Dufferin, left on Ridout, right on Queens to regular route.


East on King, left on Waterloo, right on Dundas to regular route.

Stop Closures: WestboundDundas at Wellington WB # 620

Queens at Clarence WB – #1442

Queens at Richmond WB – #2737

Queens at Talbot WB – #2738

Queens at Ridout WB – #1443


Dundas at Wellington EB # 622

Alternate Stops: Westbound

Waterloo at Queens NB

Dufferin east of Wellington WB # 535

Dufferin at Clarence WB

Dufferin at Richmond WB

Dufferin at Talbot WB

Ridout at Queens SB


Waterloo south of Dundas NB

King at Wellington EB

Stop Closures Only

Stop Closure:  Stop 1080- King at Clarence Eastbound
 Effective   Permanent stop closure effective immediately

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