Construction Season is in full swing and the impacts of it are being felt by everyone from transit riders, to cyclists, to motorists and pedestrians alike. It is important for us all to be extra patience while navigating construction. For transit riders, this means you need to be prepared for delays, stop closures, detours and congestion and stay informed about what is happening on your route.

To know before you go make sure you are:

  • Using
    • Alerts & Stop info available
    • Live arrival times
    • Sign-up for email alerts – find out more
  • Checking the detours page regularly for updates
  • Check your stop. Look up for signage that indicates whether your stop is closed and look for the temporary stop location
  • Following us on Twitter

Remember that London Transit routes travel throughout the city and although you may not encounter construction on your commute, the route you are on may have encountered some delays due to construction earlier in its travels – will track your bus so you know exactly when it will arrive.