Lost & Found Policy

  1. London Transit is not responsible for items lost on its vehicles (on conventional and specialized services) or property (including bus shelters). London Transit holds items considered of value (see definition below) as deemed in the policy for 14 days. To inquire about a lost item of value, please call 519-451-1347 314. Items considered of lesser value will not be held by London Transit.
  2. For all found items with identification, attempts will be made to contact the owner i.e. wallets and medication.
  3. For the purpose of definition only, the following items only, including their contents, will be classified as items of value. These are cash, gift cards, purses, wallets, cameras, jewelry (including watches) and electronic equipment (i.e. cell phones, laptops, tablets) as well as medical equipment (including all eye glasses) and/or medication. All other items will be considered items of lesser value and will not be kept by London Transit.
  4. Items of value turned into the Ticket Office or Dispatch will be sent to the Treasury on the next operating day of the Main Office and will be held for a period of 14 days prior to being donated to Corporate Charities.
  5. The Treasury Dept. will have the discretion to hold items longer in certain circumstances.
  6. Bicycles left on buses are held at London Transit for a one week period – please call 519-451-1347. Following the one week hold, bicycles that have not been recovered by the owner are given to London Police Services.
  7. All found passes will be processed through the Treasury Dept. Passes for Western University, Fanshawe College or SOGS will be sent to the respective schools.
  8. Found individual credit/debit cards, SIN cards, Health cards and Drivers Licenses will be sent to the Treasury Dept. on the next operating day of the Main Office and will be held for a period of 14 days prior to being destroyed. The destruction will be witnessed and recorded.
  9. All items of value will be claimed by customers at the Main Office (450 Highbury Ave N.). Items will not be transported between offices at the customer’s request. Customer Service Staff, including Dispatchers and Ticket Clerks, will advise customers that lost items will be available the next business day after 10:00 am, during the posted hours of operation of the Customer Service Dept.
  10. Passengers finding an item of value and turning it in to Lost & Found may request to claim the item should it not be claimed by its owner within the timeframe of the Policy. Employees may not request to claim items turned in.
  11. Buses in service will only be searched when the lost item is an item of value or a personal medical needs item.
  12. Once an item is deemed to be unclaimed following the stated timelines for items of value, the item will be destroyed or given to Corporate Charities as deemed by the policy.

Updated October 2022

London Transit Lost & Found Policy